Katie Madden Fine Art Book Club!



Painting inspiration comes from all over... traveling, interiors, food, culture and of course books! I am an avid collector of art and design books that I use on a weekly basis when looking for new ideas and color ways. Design and interior coffee table books are a mainstay in my home (they are pretty much in every room) and I continue to add to my collection all the time! 

I wanted to start a "book club"  as a way to express my love for these designers and images while exploring my use of color and different styles. Each coffee table book series will present both a print and original paper piece to purchase!

Having the freedom to do this series has been such a fun, creative outlet for me! I hope you enjoy the prints and paper pieces as much as we do!  I started with the book Beautiful By Mark Sikes because I love his attention to detail and his use of mixing and matching patterns/colors! If you don't have this book yet, get it! Not only is it a great book to have in your own home but I also love giving this a hostess gift or present! 

xoxo- Katie 

Katie Madden