Cashiers Designer Showhouse

This time last week I was sitting in front of a fire in Cashiers, North Carolina wondering what my day would be like tomorrow. Being asked to live paint at the Cashiers Designer Showhouse 2018 was such an honor but also kinda terrifying. I had never done live painting before and truth be told was a little nervous...all people watching, not knowing the direction of the painting and meeting both designers and bloggers along the way!

After getting settled and warming up my paint brushes with a couple of strokes I knew I could do this! At the end of the event not only did I create a beautiful piece of art but the people that I met was worth the whole trip! Honestly, my trip was pretty much made after meeting Mark Sikes (if you don't know him.... you need to)!

Being back in Nashville now and reflecting on my experience, I would love to do it all over again! The whole event was perfect! Thank you to the Cashiers Designer Showhouse committee for selecting me to live paint and looking forward to many more events down the road! 



Katie Madden